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Have you ever thought about getting rid of an old tattoo but figured it was probably just too expensive? We founded Highbridge Laser to provide laser tattoo removal services at great prices. We offer pay-as-you go plans that fit your budget. We have years of experience with laser tattoo removal and we use "Q-switched" lasers to safely and effectively lighten or remove your tattoo. Our laser technicians are certified to the highest standards. We offer discounts to prospective armed services recruits!

Let Highbridge Laser be your partner in helping you to create the look you deserve!

Laser School

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Learn About Tattoo Removal

Learn about the process of laser tattoo removal.  We answer your questions:
  • Is it painful? 
  • What's the price?
  • How many treatments are required to remove my tattoo?

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We have been removing tattoos for a decade. We are proud of our results!

We can remove your tattoo or simply lighten it to facilitate a better coverup tattoo.

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